Inspiring People and Process

April 19, 2019

Purpose Connects People and Process

Several years ago, I was putting together a presentation about communications and culture and had the realization that purpose is a connection point between culture and operations. This idea has stuck with me ever since. Working with my clients, I’m now seeing first-hand how defining purpose can inspire your people and your process. 

Research highlights the importance employees place on purpose. Workers across demographics are increasingly looking to find meaning in their work, to do work that has a positive impact on those around them or to work with companies whose values align with their own.

More and more, there’s no question people want to be inspired by what they are doing. Defining a purpose beyond profit can help. Purpose motivates employees, builds engagement and spurs independent decision-making.

However, delivering upon purpose doesn’t stop with a message to employees; it must be actionable. Businesses are increasingly being called upon to develop and deliver positive businesses practices that benefit the greater good.

In fact, 80 percent of business professionals believe businesses have a responsibility to look beyond profit and make a positive impact on society (Salesforce). The expectations on businesses to define what they believe and show greater social, economic and environmental stewardship are growing.

One of the reasons I find it helpful to work closely with senior leaders on purpose is because of their influence over both culture and operations. A CEO or founder’s passion, energy and visibility is what inspires employees and customers, but their holistic view of the organization and ability to influence operations is what turns inspiration into action and action into impact. 

The best leaders drive culture and drive results. They are successful because they have a clear view of their purpose. I believe when purpose aligns people and process, it leads to greater impact. 

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Karen Bailey is a brand purpose consultant and specializes in helping companies define their purpose and align their business around it. In 2017, she launched the blog, Purpose Greater Than Profit, to start a meaningful conversation about the increasingly important role of brand purpose, purposeful leadership and a better way of doing business.


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