15 Ways to Keep Your Values Top of Mind

February 9, 2023


Clarity around where your business is going (vision) and the character of your business (values) are the foundation of your culture. They’re also important for attracting and retaining your best talent. 

Recently, I offered a few tips for writing clear and authentic value statements. A common follow up to a conversation is usually: how do we keep our values present with employees? 

Below are a few of my favorite ways to keep your values visible year-round.

15 Ways to Keep Your Values Top of Mind

1.  Culture videos 
2.  Q&As with employees
3.  Prompts for staff meetings
4.  On- or off-site retreats
5.  Letters or emails from the CEO
6.  Manager toolkits
7.  Notecards (to be shared among employees)
8.  Creative branding
9.  Town halls
10. Desk drops (a gift/notecard left on employees’ desks)
11. A culture microsite
12. Fireside chats with leadership
13. Virtual feedback boxes
14. Brown bag lunches
15. A culture guidebook

Translating your company values through examples and making them actionable are key to keeping them top of mind. So is repetition.

Consider building out a monthly employee engagement calendar that outlines what activities you’ll do each month to keep employees connected to each of the values.

Listening is important to anything that relates to culture as well. So, look for opportunities to invite your team into the discussion and seek out feedback to help gauge what works and what doesn’t.

Activating your vision and values is the last step of my new program, Assembling Your Culture Guidebook. Once we build your culture guide, we work on a meaningful way to share it and keep it present. 

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Karen Bailey is a brand purpose consultant and specializes in helping companies define their purpose and align their business around it. In 2017, she launched the blog, Purpose Greater Than Profit, to start a meaningful conversation about the increasingly important role of brand purpose, purposeful leadership and a better way of doing business.


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